Confidence Quickstart Session

Confidence Quickstart Session

Are you a mom of a tween girl who could use support navigating the unique challenges you’re facing with your daughter?

I can help. I work with moms who are just like you.

You're conscious and mindful, always looking for the best ways to support your daughter. You seek new ways to improve your parenting, yourself and your relationship with your girl.

And, you know your wonderfully one-of-a-kind daughter didn’t come with a how-to manual with advice to give her what she needs when she needs it on her journey of growing up.  There’s no easy or one-size-fits-all solution.

Some days are extraordinarily tough.

Navigate parenting your daughter with ease with a One-on-One Coaching Session

I'll help you overcome the challenges you’re experiencing and help you map out an action plan so 

Here's what we'll do:

  • Identify your top challenges and stressors

  • Determine strategies for addressing your challenges and stressors

  • Map out an action plan

  • Develop daily self-care practices for balance and grounding


Rather than feel alone navigating this intense time of your daughter's life, you can have an expert by your side who has been helping girls build confidence and moms navigate the unique challenges of parenting girls for more than 15 years.

This Confidence Quickstart Session is designed to support YOU.

I offer non-judgmental listening, honest and heart-centered advice and the guidance you need to empower yourself and your daughter. In addition to my professional experience, I'm also a mom. I never stop learning and Im obsessed with personal development so that I can apply what I learn not only in my own life, but offer it to my clients to improve theirs. I've done the work myself and I’m still actively doing it.

You don't have to manage it all on your own. If you’re struggling, schedule a session today.

“ absolute lifesaver when I was trying to help guide my tween daughter.”

‘Working with Carly was an absolute lifesaver when I was trying to help guide my tween daughter in her self awareness, and helping both Olivia and myself understand the obstacles and gifts that Olivia was faced with. I needed as much support and assistance as my daughter did.  Especially overcoming my mommy guilt when things were difficult. Carly is very well educated in the development (emotional and educational) of tween girls.  She is in tune with the needs of both the parent and child and is able be flexible in her approach in order to best meet the needs of the individual.’

~Andrea Jarrell, mother of 2

Carly Mentlik
Carly Mentlik

About me

Carly Mentlik is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor and has been working with children, teens, women and families for over 15 years. Carly has a Bachelor’s dual degree in Special & Elementary Education and a Master’s degree in Counseling with a specialization in girls' emotional and social development, both from New York University. She integrates Western psychology and progressive education approaches with creative expression modalities and her trainings in Eastern mindfulness, yoga and the chakra system. Carly founded the Inner Rainbow Project to empower young girls with confidence-building tools and to support moms of tween girls as they navigate that unique part of their parenting journey. She migrated from New Jersey and traveled the world exploring, surfing and learning until she settled in the enchanted town of Encinitas, California where she lives with her daughter Laila, two rescue dogs and Bhakti the cat.

Ready to give your daughter, your family and yourself the gift of confidence and connection?

Here’s how it works:

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  • When you complete your payment, I’ll send you the discovery questions to help prepare for and guide our call, and a link to my calendar so you can pick the best day and time for you.

  • Before our meeting, you’ll receive an email with the link to my Zoom room where we will meet at the time of your session for our 60-minute video call. (I’m also happy to talk to you on the phone or audio-only if you prefer.)

  • After our call, I’ll send you the recording, so you can revisit and reflect.

  • AND, I’ll also send you a list of personalized suggestions to complement the focus of your call.

“ minded and flexible, willing to work with your family needs.”

‘Carly is open minded and flexible, willing to work with your family needs. She has so much knowledge and perspective into the mind and motivation of tween girls.’

 ~ Kim Martos, mother of 2

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